Critical Reviews

This is a book for children that like to use the statement “when I grow up” and for those that enjoy dreaming of the future. It could also be a useful tool in the classroom during a learning segment on careers—children would have fun coming up with their own A to Z list of jobs.
—The Children’s Book Review

Rush invites children of all ages to have big imaginations about what they can become; her work is a grand adventure and a pleasure to read.
Lara Galinsky
SVP at Echoing Green
Co-author of Work On Purpose

The World is So Wide is a brilliant rhyming picture book featuring a variety of out-of-the ordinary career choices each starting with a different letter of the alphabet (e.g., barista, jazz musician, sous chef, etc). The author cleverly depicts each career with diverse characters representing both genders and a variety of ethnic backgrounds, many of whom are seen in non-traditional roles. This book really took me by surprise in its originality and its inclusion of diversity. I highly recommend it and I think it would generate a great discussion in a classroom setting or library reading circle or can be enjoyed with any child between the ages 4 to 8.
Renee Cormier
Founder of Mother Daughter Book Reviews

From A to Z, Jess Rush’s The World Is So Wide provides an engaging way for children of all ages to view a variety of job opportunities that they may not have been exposed to. Vivid colorful illustrations make this book come alive. Multi-cultured characters are featured throughout! I loved reading The World Is So Wide to my own students to make connections between the academic skills that we are learning this year and how they are utilized in the real world. It can also serve as an introduction for teaching a Writers’ ABC story Workshop, prompting children to choose a personal topic and create their own ABC story!
Dena Shapiro
Third Grade Teacher
Tam Valley School
Mill Valley, California

We often tell our kids they can be anything. This wonderful books shows them they possibilities. The fabulous illustrations reflect the beautiful diversity in our human family. The World is So Wide is sure to broaden horizons and spark interesting conversations. It’s a must for families and schools that value each child being supported in finding their own unique calling in life.
Laila Ibrahim
Director of Children and Family Ministries at FIrst Unitarian Church Oakland
Author of Yellow Crocus